Barcode Registration international barcodes database

Our EAN-13 and UPC barcodes include complimentary registration of your barcode and product details on the International Barcodes Database and IBNREG (International Barcodes Network Registry)


Advantages of barcode registration

There are several advantages to registering your barcodes online:

  1. Registration enhances the visibility of your product on certain mobile app scanners (like the Zebra app). When the product barcode is scanned, relevant product information promptly appears.
  2. Registration boosts the online presence of your product. By registering the barcode, your product gains greater visibility on search engines like Google. This facilitates easier access to your company and product details for retailers and customers alike.
  3. Registration helps prevent theft or accidental misuse of your barcode numbers, as you have extra proof that they belong to you. Registering a barcode in internet databases discourages illegal use on platforms like Amazon. If a quick search reveals the barcode is already in use, potential misuse is deterred. Although legally sold barcode numbers cannot be used unlawfully, addressing illegal use poses additional challenges for the owner, which barcode registration helps avoid.
  4. Registration provides evidence of the validity and legitimacy of your barcodes. Registration assists in addressing the concerns of retailers who rely solely on GS1’s database by directing them to the independent database where your barcodes are registered. This serves as evidence of ownership, validity, and legitimacy, potentially saving time and frustration with certain retailers.

It’s easy for someone to copy a barcode, putting your numbers at risk. Our registration service helps safeguard against this, making it easier for retailers and customers to find your product and business information.

How to register your barcodes:

After you purchase barcodes from us, the barcodes will be emailed to you. Registration instructions will be included in the email. You can then register your barcode numbers and product/company details on the International Barcodes Database (your company name and barcode numbers will be automatically registered already on the database). Barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database is optional. However, it will increase the profile of your product on the internet.

After you register your barcode number and product details on the International Barcodes Database, your product details will be displayed when customers search for your barcode number in online search engines (e.g. Google) or smartphone apps (e.g. the Zebra app). Please note that some smart-phone barcode apps only search in online stores such as (they don’t search in the online barcode databases). This means that their database of barcode numbers/product details are minimal. The best smartphone barcode app’s (e.g. the Zebra app) search in Amazon and other online stores and the main online barcode/product databases.


Note: Barcode registration is free if you buy EAN-13 or UPC barcodes from our company. If you have EAN-13 or UPC barcode numbers already (which weren’t issued by our company) and register those numbers, please purchase barcode registration here.