We also supply a variety of different barcode related services. Information on these can be seen below:

Barcode registration – The barcodes we sell all come with free barcode registration. This helps to raise the internet profile of your product and allows for your product information to be retrieved by some cellphone app scanners. It also discourages people from illegally using your barcode number (if a quick Google search will tell them that the barcode is in use already for another product.

Barcode verification – This is essentially a test scan of your barcode as it is printed on your product packaging to ensure that it is printed well and will scan easily in a variety of environments. This is required by a few select retailers internationally which can be seen on our barcode acceptance page.

Barcode images – we can provide a variety of different types of barcode images, including; stadard EAN-13 or UPC images, ITF-14 Carton Code images, QR Codes, sequential code-39 or 128 asset tracking images and much more.

Please Contact us if you are interested in any of these services, or check out our site for more information.

Our FAQ page also has answers to the most common questions we get.